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Two hearts personalized wooden plaque

Two hearts personalized wooden plaque

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Please enter below info as per variant chosen only- 1) Enter names if variant one-'hands with names engraved' is chosen.
2)Upload photo if variant 2-'Photo Engraved' is chosen. Please scroll down to read instructions for photo.

Introducing our new personalizable wooden plaque! This plaque is for people who wish to add a little longer text and also photographs in it.

You can text upto 150 character limit and also choose to have either names with hands engraved or photo engraved.

Add this super cool personalized wooden plaque in your mother's day celebration this year!

For any queries or confusion you can always reach out to us on 7697076686!


  • Hand-crafted in High quality material
  • Smooth and shiny surface finish
  • Personalizable with names, photo and text.

Care instructions

Do not use disinfectants or hot water, or submerge the product under water. Clean the product gently, using only a clean damp cloth.

Photo instructions

Important points for photos-

-Photograph should be clear.
-Face should not be cropped.
-Front-facing picture is a must.
-Closeup picture is required.
-Background should not be too dark or black.
-No other object should come in front of the picture.
-No such person should wear white or light-tone attire.

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